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About Me

Bob Maulucci

Cycling has become my passion over the last five years after many years spent on things ... I sometimes, don't even remember. It came quickly as I had just trained and ran a marathon with my wife, and then I got hurt. I started riding the bike to relieve some of the anxiety that came with not being able to run, and quickly the cycling bug consumed me. 

You can find me on the local road rides and races, on the cyclocross courses, and soon on even more mountain bike trails. I am a ride coordinator on the awesome Campus Cycling Collective group rides, and I am dedicated to bringing more people into cycling. I am extremely honored to be the 2018 Spirit of Campus Award winner for exemplifying the goals and ideals of the Campus Cycling Collective

This site will document my riding, and I will try to highlight some local events, routes, trails, and races. If you want to ride, you know where you can find me.

If you want to know what Om stands for, yes I do love yoga, but it is a reference to those kids I ride with who like to refer to me as "Old Man."

(photo by Ron Grucela,

Men 5 - Women 4-5-55-(ZF-7574-90489-1-00
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