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March 18, 2020

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August 31, 2017

I was so excited today to field a call from Campus Wheelworks that my flat pedals and shoes had arrived. A few weeks ago, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience mountain biking with the Campus group at Sprague Brook, but something just bugged me. I couldn't seem to get com...

August 31, 2017

Well, this build is not slowing down even though brakes are today's component. These are the Tektro 359 medium reach brakes. They will allow the frame to accommodate bigger tires, so I am excited to give them a shot. I have had the Tektro brand on my CAAD, and they see...

August 29, 2017

When I started thinking about this bike build, I was excited to have many of the parts already on hand. A long time ago I had bought a few Ritchey components and never used them. This seatpost is one of those items, and in some awesome serendipitous way... wouldn't you...

August 28, 2017

One of the things the former owner of the frame did was to install a bottom bracket adaptor to convert the BB30 into a threaded English style bottom bracket. Having had BB30 on all my Cannondale bikes, I am almost glad that he did it. 

So, today I received a brand new S...