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All-City Mr. Pink Build, Day #2b

Nixfrixshun has been making the chain lube that I so enjoy for a few years now. It can be put on very sparingly and lasts a long time. I became aware of it through the Velocipede Salon forum, a bike forum that I read almost daily. It is filled with great info on modern boutique bikes and builders. It is frequented by some of the best builders in the US and the world like Richard Sachs and Mike Zancanato among others.

I digress...Josh Simmonds who runs the page has been putting out his great chain lube and race grease for a while, and now he is stocking some really nice bartape, so I figured I would give it a try. It looks like it will be fantastic, just the right balance of thickness and grip.

I ordered up some and also a cap. These look like great quality items, and I look forward to wrapping my bars with this and wearing the cap with pride on my new build. Tape is available in black only, and NFS caps available in white and black. More on the tape later when I get I it installed.

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