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All-City Mr. Pink Build, Day #3

One of the things the former owner of the frame did was to install a bottom bracket adaptor to convert the BB30 into a threaded English style bottom bracket. Having had BB30 on all my Cannondale bikes, I am almost glad that he did it. 

So, today I received a brand new Shimano Ultegra BB and installing it was a snap. I have had the tools for BB30 and BB90 for a while, but using the torque wrench and BB tool was a snap and honestly took a quarter of the time the press fit bearings took. At about $16, the Ultegra BB made me a happy camper. It will be a no brainer to toss this one when it gets funky and replace it. Lesser bearings for the other BBs I own cost at least two to three times as much, and in my research I was assured the Ultegra BB is every bit as good as the top of the line Dura-Ace model. 

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