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All-City Mr. Pink Build, Day #3b

When I started thinking about this bike build, I was excited to have many of the parts already on hand. A long time ago I had bought a few Ritchey components and never used them. This seatpost is one of those items, and in some awesome serendipitous way... wouldn't you know, the headset that came with the frame is also a Ritchey item. I have been a Tom Ritchey fan for a long time, so I am glad that this build will have a little of his genius on it. This post is a Ritchey Comp 2-bolt in 350mm, I believe. It matches the headset and Ritchey Pro 40 cm bars that I also had on hand. The only Ritchey item I had to order was a stem, which I am still waiting for it to arrive. Things are getting exciting around here. The seat is the old Bontrager off my Trek Madone, the bike that this build might replace?

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