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The Good Kind of Flats

I was so excited today to field a call from Campus Wheelworks that my flat pedals and shoes had arrived. A few weeks ago, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience mountain biking with the Campus group at Sprague Brook, but something just bugged me. I couldn't seem to get comfortable clipped on while tackling some of them more sketchy terrain. I kept having anxious moments and experienced what I learned are called "hesitation falls" where one's indecisiveness causes a tumble. Even though I know that sometimes the best option in mountain biking is to ramble over stuff, I kept doubting...and falling.

I did some research on flat pedals because I noticed that several guys that I really respect ride with them. I thought I would give them a try. So I went to Campus and sought out the staff's advice on what pedals and shoes I might try. They recommended these RaceFace Chester flat pedals and the FiveTen Freerider shoes. The pedals have a composite lightweight design and have studs that really grip. The FiveTen shoes sport a high tech grippy sole and stiff insole that appears to be able to stick to the pedal and offer real power transfer. 

I haven't gotten to try this tandem yet, but I am sure they are a winning pair. No pun intended. More to come soon.... 

Cross is calling my name this weekend, but I will hit the trails soon enough, hopefully without hesitation. 

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