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All-City Mr. Pink Build, Day #5

Cranks were something I was really not sure many questions derived from the fact that I had Dura-Ace shifters and a rear derailleur, but no front. I go 1x? Would 1x even work with the rear derailleur I had, as my cyclocross and mountain bike 1x's we're both equipped with clutch derailleurs? What crank goes with the bottom bracket I had installed? 

I was about to go to the local shop and inquire about getting a crankset, but as I did my research, a deal was there that I honestly couldn't pass up. A Shimano 105 crankset, 170cm, 53/39 for only $79 shipped from Chain Reaction, a reputable dealer which I had no idea was in the UK until the package showed up 2 days later on the DHL truck. Wow! 

Now, I run 170s on my cyclocross bike and the CAAD had it too. The Trek has 172.5 cm cranks, but in all honesty I feel comfortable on both, and maybe even spin a little better on the 170s. The 53/39 seems like a big gear for me, but that is what my C1 Powertap power meter came with, and I can handle it now. If I run a 1x down the road none of this will even matter....

The black 105 is a beautifully finished four bolt crankset, and I don't think I could have gotten a better deal on any crank even remotely is good is this. The black anodized finish looks fantastic against the red finish of Mr. Pink. To make it even better, a friend donated a 105 front deraileur, so I am all set with the drive train now. 

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