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Cyclocross Season is Here


We have been practicing for weeks, and tomorrow will be the first cyclocross race of the season. I got out today on the bike for a good hour to work on tight turns and remounts, two of the cyclocross specific skills that I struggle with.

Luckily, we have many good coaches locally who helped at the local Campus Wheelworks cyclocross practices. One of the things I picked up this season was that my hesitation on the remount was largely due to my looking down at my feet as I was about to jump back on the bike. I think I have finally overcome that.

As I practiced my turns today, I realized that some of my awfully wide turns are caused by my failure to weight my outside pedal as I turned the opposite way. I spent a lot of time circling trees and jumping on and off the bike at the local park, so much so that people probably think that old man is crazy.

Sometimes you need to break the skills down and just go over them properly again and again. Hopefully, tomorrow's race will have good results because of the hard work done before it. I know I have the engine to race the 45-minute Category 5 race, but I always struggle with the bike handling skills.

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