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Buffalo Ski Club Cyclocross Race

The first race of the cyclocross season is in the books...along with the first crash. Yep, the race got off to a terrible start with a crash in the first minute. 

Being a category 5 racer, there are often lots of inexperienced folks on the course, myself included. I was shocked to get a call up to the front row having raced only a couple times last year. The call up turned out to be the worst possible gift I could have received.

I started off on the far right and after a few turns, I was on the inside for the first hill of the day, a major one with a sharp right at the top, off camber. As I reached the top, riders from my left flooded the top, and I was slammed to my right and went ass over tea kettle right down onto my head. 

After about thirty seconds of bewilderment and a check from a friend who ran to the top to check on me, I jumped back on and started back up. I managed to gain back four or five spots, but in the end, my race was over before it had even really began. 

That's racing, I guess. Hopefully, next time I get a better result. 

Here's a shot of that nasty hill in the background. 

Here's a link to some of the action I shot in other races.... BSC CX Race 09022017

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