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First Ride Impressions, Mr. Pink

We have had some really great weather here this past week, so it was nice to be able to get Mr Pink out for a couple rides. Today, I was able to go for almost 20 miles and do some errands, but take a few of the local routes through the city that I'm familiar with. 

I am amazed at how this bike handles since I put the 25 mm Vittoria Rubino Pro tires on it. It is very responsive, and I am a little bit shocked at how well you can dive into a corner on this thing. It does not accelerate quite as fast as my Madone with the my fancy Bontrager wheels, but once of the speed it is amazingly fast and compliant. 

I stopped at the shop to pick up some extra bottle cage screws, and inquired about some bigger tires. I think that with 28 or 30's on it this would be like riding on a cloud. I'm super happy with it so far, and I have put away the race bike for the winter. I'm going to make myself ride this until spring, and hopefully by then I'll have a good idea of whether this could possibly be my main bike or not.

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