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Pump it Up!

The frame pump....I hate spending money when I know that the family could use it. However, I am too often the guy who just gives someone else the spare CO2 and never asks for it to be replaced. On group rides, I always seem to be the one with the most stuff. I figured that the steel bike would be well complemented by a nice frame pump. I see a ton of them on the Velocipede and Radavist sites, all custom painted to match the frame. I am not as keen on having that as I am on having a pump that works and that will eliminate some cost in the long run.

The Mr. Pink has a peg. I measured it with Matt at the shop, and we tried to get a good idea of the right size by measuring the top tube. I wanted to try to get the Zefal HPX which was a classic pump that everyone on the forums seemed to love.

The Zefal HPX arrived, and it is great! It has an aluminum body, and it attaches to most frames with relative ease once you have figured out the size. Mine fits snugly under the top tube, and the only issue I have run into so far with it is when I grab the top tube to lift the bike and get a handful of pump. This in turn usually leads to the pump coming unhitched and the bike almost falling. This is a problem with me, not the classic design.

On my first day out with it, I found out quickly that it sure is easy to pump up a tire. I flatted within the first ten minutes of my first ride with it on the bike! I guess it was someone’s way of proving to me that I had made the right decision, as I swear it took me less than ten strokes to get my 28mm Gravel King up to a rideable pressure. I was blown away by the ease of use and the convenience. It was all great until my brother-in-law snapped pics of me bent over the bike changing the tire! I will get him back soon enough!

I am sure that I could one day be happy with this, a spare, and maybe some patches. CO2 cartridges are running me about $3.50 after my discount, and that is still a lot. I figure the frame pump will pay itself off this year. The black paint goes nicely with the 105 black components and the black bar tape I have put on it.

So far, so so good!

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