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How to Post-CX!

SPB CX photo by Ron Grucela

Today was my return to Cat 5 cyclocross racing after a dismal showing at the Buffalo Ski Club race and lots of road trips for hockey on the weekends. Sprague Brook Park was our host today for a muddy and treacherous course.

The start was late, 12:40 for the men's Cat 5, so as the midday rains continued, the course got worse and worse. Our course was nothing like the women's race before us, but it was a lot more friendly than the course the Men's 1/2/3 raced on later.

Bottom line...I still suck at cross, had fun, and the CAADX was covered in grass and mud. Below are some post wash pics of my cleaning station set up. I got the idea from Shane Miller's YouTube channel, and it has worked like a charm ever since. Shane also did one on how he cleans his bike, and that can be found here.

I apologize for posting the pics AFTER I cleaned the bike off. Take my word for was filthy!

Simple directions for making:

Materials: wooden sawhorse, cheap front hub, something to attach the hub to the top (I used old shed handles), wood screws, a pool noodle or something soft to rest the bb on.

1. Measure the "approximate" distance from your front drop out to the bottom bracket. Figure out where you want the bb to sit near the end of the sawhorse.

2. Mount a cheap front hub that distance away from the bb's resting place.

3. Support the bb with a piece of cut down pool noodle or something that allow it to rest softly and lets the pedals and all the parts rotate.

4. Remove front wheel and mount. Wash away.

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