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What's on Your Trainer Playlist

One of the things I have really keyed in on this winter is just how much I enjoy music on the bike while I am on the trainer. Trainer workouts are hard work, and I think sometimes the music is what helps me get through it all. I thought it would be fun to share what I have on the iPhone for the trainer. Most of the tracks come from the Amazon Prime Music Unlimited, and a few from iTunes that I have purchased, converted from CD, or bootlegged. Yeah, I like hard guitar rock and metal on the trainer more or less. The trainer gives me a chance to listen to stuff on the headphones that I don't usually crank in the house without disturbing everyone. Here they are in no particular order. Most of the time I just shuffle them anyways.

  1. Philip Glass Akhnaten- an opera from the 1980's about the pharaoh. Who would have thunk? It is fantastic driving music. The complete thing takes about two plus hours, so I usually break it into two rides.

  2. The Cult "She Sells Sanctuary" One of the best rock bands of all time.

  3. The Cult "Love Removal Machine"

  4. Foals "Mountain at My Gates" Great new band with heavy alternative driving sounds.

  5. Foals "What Went Down"

  6. Foals "Snake Oil"

  7. Buckethead Albino Slug (The whole album!) The most prolific recording guitarist of his generation. So many great driving riff and wailing. Great for listening to during FTP or race days.

  8. Joe Satriani "Surfing with the Alien" Satriani just plays great instrumental rock guitar with the perfect amount of melody and drive without the histrionics.

  9. Iron Maiden "Speed of Light" Any Maiden is great on the trainer, but this is new and nicely done. I'm going to have to add some more soon.

  10. Iron Maiden "Losfer Words (Big 'Ora)" The best of the band's many instrumentals.

  11. Judas Priest "Breaking the Law"

  12. Judas Priest "Electric Eye" One of the best metal songs of all time.

  13. Judas Priest "You Got Another Thing Coming"

  14. UFO "Rock Bottom" One of the best guitar rock songs of all time from one of my favorite bands. Schemker simply rules. Phil Mogg is the best singer in rock.

  15. UFO "Lights Out" See above.

  16. UFO "Too Hot to Handle" See above above!

  17. Japandroids "The House That Heaven Built" Just good alt rock fun!

  18. Cake "The Distance"

  19. Dropkick Murphys "I'm Shipping Off to Boston"

  20. Young the Giant "My Body" This came preloaded on my MotoActv way back, and I have loved the song and the band ever since.

  21. Young the Giant "Cough Syrup"

  22. U2 "Where the Streets Have No Name" These six are just my favorite driving songs from my favorite band after the Beatles. The Edge is fantastic with his driving echoes and textures.

  23. U2 "In God's Country"

  24. U2 "Gloria"

  25. U2 "Pride"

  26. U2 "New Year's Day"

  27. U2 "Vertigo"

  28. Baroness "Try to Disappear" These guys were recommended to me and they are great guitar driven modern metal with an alt flair. I really like the rawness of the early Red and Blue albums, but the complexity of the newer albums is growing on me. This is a sampling.

  29. Baroness "Kerosene"

  30. Baroness "The Iron Bell"

  31. Baroness "Take My Bones Away"

  32. Baroness "March to the Sea"

  33. Baroness "Little Things"

  34. Baroness "The Sweetest Curse"

  35. Baroness "The Birthing"

  36. Baroness "Isak"

  37. Baroness "The Gnashing"

  38. Baroness "Wailing Wintry Wind"

Afterword: I have promised myself to never ever be that guy who ride with earbuds in on the road, and I follow this strictly except on two occasions: bike paths and hill repeats. I do not ever ride in traffic with headphones except uphill during the aforementioned hill repeats, and on the downhill I take them out. The headphones I have are Aftershokz Treks Titanium bone conduction phones. They do not go inside your ears, and they allow you to hear music and traffic more or less. Either way, I don't use them outside 95% of the time.

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