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Campus Cycling Collective Adds a New Riding Club for 2018

The Campus Cycling Collective is an amazing bunch of ladies and gents who are obsessed with making Buffalo a better place to ride. They run the Campus Tuesday Night Rides, the Saturday Mountain Bike Rides, the Great Winter Get Out contest, the Sprague Brook race series, cyclocross practice, maintenance and skills clinics, womxn's specific events, and the list goes on. I've been a member for the last year as a coordinator, and I love being part of this group so dedicated to making better cycling experience for others.

This year this have added the Campus Riding Club to their list of great ideas! They are using the club to help minimize waiver sign ups and paperwork at their events, but the club is dedicated this year to adding even more events and daily rides for its members. At $10 a year, it is a fantastic bargain. Click on the link above to find out more and learn how to become a member today.

#CampusWheelworks #Buffalocycling #CampusCyclingCollective

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