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Hutchinson Sector 28s: Terrific Tubeless Tires

I have run tubeless for the last couple springs, and I have learned one thing: when they work they're the best, and when they fail, they're the worst. With spring coming...Eventually, I decided to look into some for this season, hoping for the best.

Loving the 28s on the All-City, I wondered if I could fit some on my Trek Madone race bike. I tried the Panaracers from that bike on my Trek's wheelset, and they fit great. After some research, I found these Hutchinson Sector 28s and was excited to try them out. The reviews were great, and I had them for about $85 shipped on eBay. Yes, that's price for a pair. OMG.

The tires mounted easily on the Bontrager Aeolus 5 rims. No levers needed. I did use the compressor to mount them. They seated perfectly the first time. They didn't hold air overnight without sealant, but once I added 1.5 oz in each, they stayed full and held air perfectly. They couldn't possibly be the dream tire, could they?

When I finally got them out, they confirmed their potential. They floated over crappy pavement, flew over guide tarmac, and even tackled some off the path gravel with ease. They spun up to speed quickly after every city stop. I was surprised when I looked at Strava and saw some good efforts and speeds on known local segments. I'm not sure they are as fast as 25s, but they are damn fun. I am going to have fun with them and keep you posted. I'm actually looking forward to a few punctures. I can't wait to see how they seal up.

PS. I still love the Rubinos, and they're on the cyclocross bike for a while.

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