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Wahoo Bolt: Part 2, Data Screens are Easy

So, last time we talked about how great it would be to change screens and set up stuff on your head unit without all the on device button pushes and scrolling. The Wahoo Bolt excels in this aspect because it uses your phone to connect and input information onto the device. My Garmin 520 was connected to my phone as well so the fact that it couldn't do this is a bummer.

Looking at the first screen shot you get a sense of all the things you can manipulate from the phone. I can set up my pages, and add sensors, I can also set up the LED's across the top of the device. Mine are set to show power. It's pretty neat to see red LED's right to left when I put the pedals down! You can also set location controls and many other setting easily from the phone.

From the PAGES screen I can decide what screens I want up (default is workout, climbing, and map), as well as, setting up that page detail. I can also add pages, but I have yet to find myself wanting to do that. The workout page show my basic metrics. The climbing page shows elevation and grade as well as a nice look at the route ahead. I could see this coming in handy on a race day for plotting moves. (LOL!) The map page allows me to see a basic map, but also gives me access to the turn by turn navigation I love in this unit. More on that next time.

From the workout page menu, I can easily select from more options than I could ever use. You can see that one can pick 9 metrics to display. (These correspond to the Bolt pic below). I can easily change metrics, and I can easily change the order. Using the right buttons on the unit, I can increase the displayed size of each metric as the bottom most metrics slowly disappear. I can re-shrink the display to bring them back at any time. If I pull out my phone, I can make these updates in real time. It is pretty amazing compared to the clumsiness of the 520.

Lastly, I can go into my profile and change any of my zone data. This calculates basic zones and updates in real time to the head unit. Because of the Bolt's ability to easily find sensors, pair, and update displays, I feel that it is a step beyond the Garmin. So far, I have had no issues with pairing or using the display. I think that the monochrome screen is also excellent in most lighting situations, and if I want to set up the back-light to remain on, I can do it quickly and easily from my phone. Battery life on the Bolt and draw off of the phone battery seem minimal. I am sure I could not out ride a full charge on either with full use of the device.

Next time, let's take a look at what I love even more about the new Bolt...routes and turn by turn navigation. Stay tuned.

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