Wahoo Bolt: Part 3b, Get Me There Wahoo

This last installment on the Bolt’s ability to get me places is one that I have been negligent on finishing…I am sorry. I have had the Bolt for nearly a month, and I have to say I LOVE IT!

I appreciate its ability to get me places using the turn by turn directions, especially when I am planning and leading routes for group rides. Step two of this discussion is a look at the Bolt’s ability to get you to a place like your car GPS does. I use Waze in the car, and I simply type in an address or place name. It comes up with a decent route, gives me an estimated time, and off I go. The Bolt allows me to do this using the phone app minus the time estimate which is okay by me. I select “Take me to…” and then type in an address. The Bolt tells me the best way to get there. It really does.

Now, I work in a tough neighborhood to even drive through. The drivers are brutal, as they run lights and just generally don’t give a damn. I wanted desperately to start commuting to work by bike, but I was unsure on how to avoid the busy stretches and get to school safely. I literally did nothing but type in my school name, and the Wahoo Elemnt app generated a route and sent it to my Bolt. I followed the turn by turn directions, and it got me to work with no problems. It did take me down a one-way street the wrong way, but honestly this choice was brilliant.

I am not sure what type of bike friendly algorithm it uses, but it did well. I have since used it to get home, get downtown to curriculum committee, and a few other places as well. I have not found any issues yet with the way it develops the route and gets me there using turn by turn. I am thoroughly impressed.

The only caveat that I should add is that the device does not do much more than warn you if you are off the beaten path. It will not reroute you in any elaborate way to get back on the track like a full-featured GPS app will. That said, I have not had much trouble following the turn by turn and the breadcrumbs thus far. I hope that throughout the summer I can continue to report back on this feature with no worries!