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Hutchinson Sector 28 Update

Well, it is now been over a month of having the Sector 28's on the race bike, and yes the love affair continues on. The 28's have taken my Trek Madone to a whole new level of comfort, grip, and durability. I have been using the bike in races, on group rides, and in all kinds of commuting "city bike" situations, and no bumpy, gnarly road has been able to stop me yet.

I weigh a little over 170 lbs., and have been running these at 85/70 psi rear and front with little notice to loss of pressure the next day when I simply take off without topping off. So, I can report fair results in to 65-85/50-70 psi range rear and front. I am sure they roll slightly faster at 80+ than at 65 psi, but if I'm not racing...who cares? I would love to try the new Quark TyreWiz sensors to see how the pressure affects rolling speed. I would love to ride a loop at 200 watts several times reducing pressure and measuring the results. It would be quite informative.

The roads leaving my house are often downright shitty, often the result of our lousy winters ripping up the tarmac and careless drivers who throw trash, bottles, and assorted rubbish out their windows. Especially on my commute, I have run into situations where it turns quickly into "urban gravel ride" at the drop of a hat. And each time these tires leave me safe and happy. The Sector 28's handle bumps and rocks with ease throughout the wide pressure ranges I have tried.

In wet and dry conditions, the grip has been excellent. I have had no hesitation bombing corners and I think the wider profile on my Aeolus rims has really contributed to the safe feeling these leave you with.

Lastly, and most importantly, not a single flat or loss or pressure yet. For this reason, I have never hesitated to ride the"good bike" across my urban minefields to work. I have hit glass shards, metal, and all sort of holes intentionally and unintentionally. Not a single flat yet. Knock on wood...probably just cursed myself.

Oh well. I love these tires, and I'm gonna keep riding them til I see the threads start poking through. Hopefully, that won't be any time soon.

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