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Review: Suomy Sfera Helmet

I guess maybe I am losing it, buying another helmet, but I really love the Suomy Gun Wind helmet that I bought this spring. I have so many helmets that just don't quite fit right, but the Gun Wind was perfect. When I saw the cheaper Suomy Sfera aero helmet, I saw it as an easy way to replace lots of helmets that don't quite fit. Okay, let me explain.

The Sfera in matte black is a fantastic looking helmet that will go with just about any kit I have, unlike the Gun Wind that I bought in the classic Lampre Merida pink, green, and navy. That helmet matches my Campus Wheelworks kits perfectly, but it looks silly with street clothes when commuting, and it doesn't go with lots of non-club kits I own. The Sfera is the same "last" or shape as the Gun Wind, so I figured it would be perfect, and it is. For around $100, it is a steal!

The Sfera is an aero helmet that is relatively light, marked 305g on the tag, and listed at 265g elsewhere. I don't have a scale to do this justice, but it is light and feels light on the head. The Sfera has a similar ratcheting adjustment like the Gun Wind and feels very comfortable on the head. Unlike the Gun Wind, the Sfera is made in China. It is a little less "finished" than its Italian made counterpart, but the padding, straps, and color are top notch. It comes in many colors (11), but the matte black is quite sharp.

Despite looking like it has strange arrangements of vents, it allows for lots of air flow with its 10 front and 12 rear vents. The helmet is quite comfortable on hot days in the high 80's like we have had all week. After getting out several times with it, I noticed that the padding dries out rapidly and handles the sweat well. A clip-on visor makes the helmet look quite sharp if you want to try it on your off-road adventures. I plan on taking it to the trails this summer for sure.

My only complaint is that the L/XL is a tad small compared to even the Gun Wind. This and the aero design limits my being able to wear a cap underneath, but this is probably a non-issue as the helmet is closed on top and sun would not be an issue. I don’t think they really intended for a cap underneath, as it would not look great with this helmet anyway. Maybe that’s why they give you the clip-on visor with it.

The Sfera is a good pickup at $139 list price. I have seen it a lot cheaper ($89 and up), so shop around and get it cheap. There are many colorways, so I think anyone in search of a nice road helmet would do well with this. Whether it helps me in the upcoming time trial (no aero gear allowed) and crit is still to be seen.

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