City+ Routes: Delaware Park to Knox Farms

Here is a great ride that you can get the GPX or cue sheets from my Ride with GPS account. CLICK HERE.

This ride by the numbers:

Distance:46.5 mi


Estimated Time: 3 hours

This ride will take you from Delaware Park and led you down Richmond through the Elmwood Village and Allentown as you head towards Downtown. From there, you can head down Exchange Street and see the home of the Larkinville criterium races. Head to Seneca Street and take a little jaunt down Main and back to Seneca. This will keep you out of the heavy Seneca traffic in downtown West Seneca near the South Gate Plaza.

Seneca Street is a slow and steady uphill. When you reach Elma, you will climb a little up North Davis and then Willardshire right into the park. Once in Knox, there are some great views, a bathroom, and a coffee shop. On a hot day, you will appreciate the opportunity to fill up those bottles and take a little respite in the shade.

I head back to South Buffalo exactly the way I came out. I throw in a little cut through to Abbott and my beloved South Park Ave on the way home which then goes through Canalside and back via Pearl, Franklin, and Linwood. One of the things I like so much about this ride is that it gives you a small amount of elevation, but it is straight back downhill on the way home. I wish every ride was like that.

The roads and views are nice once you get out of the city, and the roads and drivers have been really good the last few times I took this route. Check out the route and enjoy. CLICK HERE.