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City+ Routes: Daily Grind Century

Yesterday was a huge day for me on the bike, as I set off to get a 100 mile ride in solo. I tried to get someone else to come, but alas...I have no friends, or at least none that are teachers who are off all summer like me. Unfortunately, the weeks off are winding down, so I figured I would try something fun before going back to the daily grind. In the end it really was fun and a little bit of grind, too.

The ride really started the day before when I started painting the gate and fencing in my yard. That bought me a few days of good graces before I finish that off today. I may try again to get this ride in before school in September.

The RouteHERE

After the ride, I cleaned up the cue sheet and can honestly say that there were no real bad spots on the map except for one little spot near Transit that was tough in traffic. Dodge Road was beautifully paved. Salt Road had crushed pavement, but the gravel feel helped make the century a little more epic.

The ride through the Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area was pretty cool, and I saw lots of deer, goldfinches, dragonflies. butterflies, and cool birds that this city-boy misses on his rides.


I uploaded the ride to my Wahoo Bolt, and I had zero problems. I had over 50% battery left at the end of the seven plus hour time it was on. The turn by turn was flawless. I had my Blackburn 2'fers front and rear, and I turned them off at stops and on the Clarence Pathways; they lasted the whole ride, which was amazing to me.

HERE, is the Strava of the ride. It was a little hard without anyone to help pull, and of course the wind was in my face the whole way back. I kept the Bolt on to show only power zone, heart rate zone, and mileage. I was just happy to finish, but in retrospect I was pleased with the average speed and climbing done.


For food and water, I only took three Nature Valley bars, and two 24 ounce bottles; one water, and one Powerade. There weren't as many places to stop as I would have liked, but I am sure that with repeated attempts, I will find some good ones.

I filled the water bottles in Akron Falls Park (both times) at the restrooms, and eventually at mile 80 got more water, a sandwich, and Coke at a 7-11. I think next time, I might buy a handlebar bag to store a little more food and another bottle or two. Nothing tastes better than a cold Coke after or near the end of a long ride.

So, there it is. If you have 7 hours to spare and wanna go, let me know. This route is a good one!

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