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Product Review: Brooks Cambium C17 Saddle

It started on a whim. We had a rainy week, and I spent a little time on the trainer and Zwift. I have a really low tolerance for the trainer despite adding the rocker plate. After about an hour I start to feel a lot of discomfort. It is not that far off from trainer season, a few more months. and it will be almost a full time thing. I had to head over to the West Side to get some flea meds for the pups, and I thought I would head over to the shop to say hey.

As I headed into Campus Wheelworks, I was thinking about of all things, my ass, and I decided to ask about the Brooks Cambium. I have seen them on lots of bikes lately, online and among the shop guys. I trust Anthony and Ethan with bike stuff. They have never steered me wrong, and I have asked a lot of questions of them. They were practically debating over who should tell me how much they loved this saddle. Let's just say they liked it and had it on most of their bikes since trying it out.

Within five minutes of asking about it, I was sitting down and pressing my sit bones into the gel of the "saddle fitter" and we determined that I was right around the 140 mm mark, which would put me in the C15. We discussed the feeling of support a saddle should give and decided to try the wider C17. A few minutes later, I had my card out buying the C17 and having it slapped on my cross bike that I rode over on. Technically, the saddle I have is the Cambium C17 All Weather Carved model.

The black nylon top sits atop a vulcanized rubber underside. The carved top (hole in the top) allows a little more flex on an already flexible seat. Right away the saddle's flex is noticeable, but not in a bad way. I immediately felt my weight was supported, and I was comfortable as I peddled. The first reaction I had was that my bibs felt great. It's that feeling you have when you finally throw down some coin and get some nice Castelli shorts or even the Pactimo ones which I really like.

Since putting the C17 on the cx bike, I have put it through the ringer. I switched it over to the road bike and did a snappy ride Tuesday; a century ride Wednesday; back to the cx bike on Thursday for skills and hot laps;, and then back on the road bike Saturday for 40 miles at a good tempo. It has been amazing in every situation. It feels good when laying down power to the pedals, and I have had no discomfort whatsoever. I felt extremely fresh after the century on Wednesday.

I did feel a tad bit of bounce today (Saturday) when really trying to hammer out a high cadence and higher power. I am considering a C15 and no carve to try on the road bike. This might help a tad with the bounce. It might be better for racing. Until then, I am going to enjoy the comfort of the C17 for a while.

From the Brook's site:


  • LENGTH: 283 mm

  • WIDTH: 162 mm

  • HEIGHT: 52 mm

  • WEIGHT: 446 gr




Retail, $120

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