Back on TrainerRoad

Sometimes you need to ride harder.

With the days getting shorter and work and family stuff in full swing, it is almost time for trainer season. This month, I was encouraged to hear that one training platform actually made a step in the right direction. TrainerRoad has added workout analysis and calendar functions to make it a little more like Strava and TrainingPeaks, while maintaining the great plans and workouts you can ride. In a world where you can only pay for so many services, buying this might be a good trade off for my Strava Premium.

I have always liked the TrainerRoad workouts, and I enjoy the low key interface that I can pin to the bottom of the screen while I do something else. It is great for watching movies or old race replays. TrainerRoad is also about the only training program that has plans that consistently make me wanna puke.

In an effort to make my hard rides harder and the easy rides easier, I am going to try to work through the TrainerRoad cyclocross program while using free rides on Zwift to get the easy endurance days in. TrainerRoad has a very smooth erg mode, and I find that I am a little more able to suffer when watching old races like the epic 2015 Koksjide UCI CX race than I am when watching my avatar move over Zwift's highways and byways.

Today's Kaiser workout was some one minute and then six 3 minute VO2 max intervals spread over and hour. It was hard, and by the last two intervals I struggled to hold the watts. Watching Sven Nys and Wout Van Aert battle at Koksjide while listening to some heavy tunes was enough to keep my mind going even when the legs slowed. Sometimes you need to hurt a little.

I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.

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