Zwift Releases New York Course

Zwift released its Central Park course, and the new NYC setting is an amazing virtual world that is the first of the Zwift worlds to really have a futuristic slant. The new course has all the beauty of a fall day in Central Park and also has translucent pathways that head up and over the city rooftops to provide an almost Blade Runner-esque world with flying cars, bionic horse carriages, and other nice little touches.

I have only rode the Knickerbocker Route and a few of the sky-ways, but the course provided lots of interesting rolling terrain and a few really unexpected climbs. There are no major hills in the park, but the designers utilized the glass bottomed roadways above the city to pull in some really challenging climbs. I look forward to really learning the world as well as I know Watopia.

The graphics and final touches really set New York apart from the other worlds. The trees and the nighttime views over NYC are really stunning on the big screen. The designers really went out of their way to bring the best possible experience to the new course. I rode it on a slow recovery ride, and I really liked it a lot. The visuals helped the time go by quickly. I am planning on checking out some of the running routes on it this week as well. Wait, what? Stay tuned.

For me, this new course, now the fifth world on Zwift (Watopia, Richmond, London, Innsbruck, and New York) really makes users want to be able to choose a world at the beginning of their sessions. Zwift have yet to make world choice an option (possibly to avoid empty worlds), but it is about time. I would like to be able to choose between the climbs of Innsbruck, the variety of Watopia, and the new visuals of NYC. Hopefully, this is coming soon. Until then, enjoy whatever world you are thrown into. LOL.

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