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Running on Zwift with the Milestone Pod

I ran a lot in 2013-14 culminating in a marathon with Sue that still holds as one of my greatest athletic achievements. I ran a lot in high school as a 400m guy, but for training I ran shorter distances and more intense paces, never heavy distance til 2013. The plantar fasciitis after the marathon was a lot of the reason that I am a cyclist now, as the pounding just got to me.

I find my Fall to be getting really busy between work, soccer and hockey for my son, and the dogwalking every night. I have been trying to ride two weekdays pretty hard and then a race every weekend. It has been working well, but I feel like I wanted a little more, and that is how the idea of trying some running again started. I also figured it would not hurt for cyclocross, and since cycling is such a non-weight bearing sport, it might be good.

I knew I could get a hard workout off the bike in a short period of time. Hence, a treadmill session seemed like the right idea, especially since I often drive Sue into work at 5:30 am, and have 40 minutes before I need to get ready for work. Usually, I just go back to bed. Lame, I know.

I started looking for footpods, and I was a little intrigued by the Milestone Pod retailing for only about $25. Sue has my old Garmin one, and she uses it all the time. The Bluetooth footpod got good reviews, so I ordered one up. I knew that with the iPhone or iPad Pro, I needed Bluetooth compatibility.

The Milestone Pod arrived, and it was pretty straightforward to set up. Simple slide it under the laces and twist the top section of the pod on. It takes the standard battery that almost all my heart rate straps and power meters run on, the CR 2032. The Milestone Pod app has lots of features, but I will save that for a later blog post.

I fired up Zwift on the iPad Pro and set it to run mode. The iPad immediately found the Milestone Pod and I also connected the Scosche Rhythm for heart rate. Within two minutes, I was running on Zwift.

The running experience on Zwift was really nice even though I kept the slope at 1 percent and ignored what was going on slope-wise on screen in the game. My treadmill is kinda old, but it works. I like that heart rate and pace are visible, and I tried hard to run negative splits. After each mile, it compiles a running list of heart rate and pace averages.

The "Set a goal" button on screen convinced me to try to go for 60 minutes, and I actually kicked out 10K in under an hour. I found the achievement banners (under 10 minute mile, 5k, etc....) to be rather motivating.

What I didn't like was the way my legs felt the next day. What the hell was I thinking pounding out negative splits for an hour? My quads are still killing me three days later. The stairs taunt me up and down them. Oh well.

If you want an easy to get set up set up, try the Milestone Pod on Zwift. The experience was a lot of fun, and the technology worked well together. The workout synced right to Strava and TrainingPeaks just like a bike workout on Zwift. All in all, a good time. Except for those legs. Ugh.

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