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Lots of Cyclocross Left


There is lots more cyclocross left in 2018, and I hope to be in on as much of it as I can. There are at least 5 local races for us to get into. It all starts with Cross in the Park on Sunday, November 4th and continues into December. The races are as follows:

  • 11/4 Cross in the Park

  • 11/11 Cobb's Hill (Rochester)

  • 11/18 Lake Ontario Cross (Youngstown)

  • 11/25 4H Camp (Varysburg)

  • 12/2 Mendon Acres (Pittsford)

These should all be fun, but I am especially psyched for Cross in the Park this Sunday sponsored by my team at Campus Wheelworks. It is a blast every year, even last year when it was a huge pool of mud, water, and fun. I have still yet to get some of that godforsaken mud out my gear a year later!

The Lake Ontario race is a new one coming up that is put on by some of our teammates who live up near the Fort Niagara venue. It should be a great addition. I hope to see you there. Go to to sign up for any or ace of what 2018 has left to offer. Bring your mud boots.


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