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The Great Winter Get Out Kicks Off On National Bike Shop Day

I have been taking it easy this week, maybe too easy after a long cyclocross season came to a muddy end last Sunday. Sue and I were practicing for Our future as empty nesters, as Rob was off playing hockey in Minnesota and Emily is away at BC. The Great Winter Get Out Kick-Off was taking place at Campus Wheelworks, and I had nothing but time to go enjoy the breakfast and also get in a nice social ride with many old friends and faces. Saturday also marked December 1st and International Bike Shop Day. GWGO 2019 is going to be a blast.

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The kick-off brought out a lot of great folks, and we toured our city and saw several historic sites like the Richardson Complex, Red Jacket's statue in Forest Lawn, The Freedom Wall, The Colored Musicians' Club, spots on the Underground Railroad, The Edward M. Cotter fireboat, the Coit House (oldest house left in the B-Lo), the Ellicott Square Building, and the Electric Building. The tour and ride was led by Campus co-owner Alex Davies who did an amazing job delivering a dose of important history and fun at the same time.

I have three tasks done so far getting points for the gear shot above, attending the party, and also for the Coit House. I am looking to grab some points for the challenges at Caz Park and the Erie Basin later today if the weather allows. But, I guess that said...the whole point is to get out despite the weather, so maybe I can do it. And that is the beauty of this event. Enjoy the gallery of shots from yesterday below.

#GreatWinterGetOut #GWGO

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