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GWGO: Sunday Adventures

Sunday was an unseasonably warm and lovely day, despite darkness coming at 4:45! I figured I would get out and do some adventuring to get some more points in the GWGO. The plan was to head south get points, and hit the lit up Electric Tower on the way back.

I left the house but didn't even make it past Hertel when while stopped at the light two thugs in a car pointed and laughed mockingly at me. I guess they thought my pink Suomy helmet has funny looking? I only bring that up because you can imagine how upsetting that could be, and believe it or not this incident which happened a block from home was the only part of the trip that wasn't completely awesome!

I traveled down Fillmore to Seneca and headed towards my old workplace on Buffum to get points for visiting Red Jacket and Mary Jemison's original grave site. I had never been there despite it being literally half a block from the old school I worked at for four years! Then I headed to Caz Park and picked up easy points there.

Riding at night is one of my favorite things. I love the lights on the bike and it's easy to see cars when they're lit up as well. The feeling of riding in the darkness and cutting through the night air is about as close to flying as it gets. This ride was really one to stimulate the senses: warm air, lit up sites, and speed, of course.

I have to also mention that having ridden much of this yesterday on the GWGO social ride, it was a big help to know where the potholes were! Saturday afternoon, we saw a lot of big potholes downtown, and this helped me to avoid disaster several times while in the dark.

The Wahoo Bolt and companion app again did a fantastic job as I asked for a route to Wilkeson Point. Along Fuhrmann Boulevard, I saw a sizable herd of deer, about 8 really big ones. It was really a neat site. My only frustration was the poor lighting for pics and the fact that I missed the Times Beach challenge which was right there, too! UGH!

Then the Bolt took me on a nice path to the Electric Tower where I snapped a quick shot, and then it sent me home down Ellicott to Northampton to Masten to Main (maybe not in that order). I only bring this up because these are often tough streets, but yet the only disappointment on this adventure came so close to home. Along the way, I was met with newly paved streets, happy faces, and polite drivers. I guess it just goes to show that you have nothing to lose by getting out and seeing your city. Sometimes your expectations and reality will clash in a pleasant way.

Here is the route on Ride with GPS in case you wanna see the route and get some points of your own.

#GreatWinterGetOut #GWGO

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