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Xmas Fun Stuff

I announced the work on the book last week, and since then I have been busy doing no blogging! What? The holidays and lots of stuff just got in the way. The weather has been pretty cruddy, so I have just not focused much on the bike life.

I did get some cool gifts for Christmas, none of which had anything to do with the bike, but I hope to make some good connections to the bike life with them in the coming months.

First off, the Go Pro Hero 7 Black is truly amazing. I had a great day with it out on the bike that I vlogged last week, but I have been doing some really fun timelapses with it as well. It shoots great video (I have not even begun shooting in 4k yet), and I am really looking forward to vlogging with it a little more.

To be honest the bad weather has kept me from taking it out, not because it cannot handle the wet, but because I have been afraid that I would drop it with my gloved hands on the bike. It does have voice commands (i.e.,"Go Pro turn on/off," Go Pro start recording," and "Go Pro stop recording") but I haven't figured out how I want to use it quite yet. I really don't want to stop riding to shoot B roll and stuff like that. I am also trying to figure out why my on camera voice has an accent. I have no idea, listen below.

I have enjoyed it for two rides, and I hope to use the time lapse mode to get some short but picturesque route footage. We will see, as I have been practicing the time lapses and editing shooting places like the backyard, the dog park, and the hockey rink where I have been spending lots of time shooting games for my son's prep school team.

Two things you definitely need when you get shooting video are disc space and power! My stocking was stuffed with an amazing little Anker PowerCore Fusion power bank. It is a wall wart that has two USB outs. It plugs in and works as a smart charger providing the perfect amount of power to your device, but it also acts as a 5000 mAh portable battery. It is totally awesome, and I look forward to toting it around with me and charging stuff. I can even see myself taking it on long rides to charge up my day running lights at the coffee stop. It's that small and useful.

The last awesome thing I received was an Instant Pot. I have wanted one for quite a while, and now hope to fuel a healthier 2019 with it. I made some rice and beans with it tonight, and it was super easy and super tasty. I will tweak the recipes a little as I go, but if I can get some cooking done for the house, it will make me feel better by not being such a lazy bum.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I wanted to just check in, and I am sure there will be plenty of good stuff coming soon from me in 2019!


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