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Goodbye 2018

“There is something miraculous in the way the years wash away your evidence, first you, then your friends and family, then the descendants who remember your face, until you aren’t even a memory, you’re only carbon, no greater than your atoms, and time will divide them as well.” ― Anthony Marra, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

If you don't have you Strava linked to VeloViewer, you should look into it. It is a fun and informative way to look at your stats and accomplishments.

I'm thankful for the time I got on the bike this year, but December was a slow month, and I fell short of my 300 hour goal. That pity party didn't last very long...shattered by a phone call from my principal.

"I'm sorry to call with bad news, Bob. This is a lousy way to end the year...."

Sadly, he shared that a younger colleague and dear friend passed away over the weekend. Dan was our librarian, and he and I had also worked together at another school as well. I can remember how fondly the kids looked at him as they would come in and out of the library. I can remember the Muslim boys who would walk in and nod politely, as they would head back into Dan's open office to pray midday. He created a safe space where books were treasures and kids were as well.

Hopefully, one day when we all look at our final stats, the number of lives we touch in a good way will be our greatest achievement.

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