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Video: Snowshoeing in Lake Placid

Getting outdoors always trumps doing indoor stuff, especially when you are in a remote spot with the family. Last Christmas, we bought snowshoes and poles from Campus Wheelworks, and we have tried to use them as much as we can.

One time we always try to get a walk in is when we visit the Adirondacks and the beautiful Lake Placid area. We are usually there at least once for hockey in January. This year, we visited the Peninsula Trail which was literally 500 meters from our hotel.

Snowshoeing, with or without poles, is a great heart rate raising activity that continually surprises us as to how warm we get. It was 3 degrees when we headed out Saturday, and yet my lightweight North Face Ventrix Hoodie was perfect. The Ventirx is amazingly able to adapt between keeping the cold out while also keeping you from overheating. The membrane of the fabric is amazing. I cannot really describe it; it is just some sort of magic. The vents open and close, which is why it is called the Ventrix. Was that too obvious?

I encourage you to try this sport if you haven't already. I think you will enjoy it quite a bit. I would not turn down a good trek for anything, and I think this is a great way to keep monotony at bay.

So, here's the short video I shot on the GoPro Hero 7 Black and the edited in about ten minutes with the easy to use Quik software on my iPad Pro. I promise that next time I will get better clips and some more vlog-like talking stuff. Enjoy.

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