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Video Edit Comparison: Quik vs Bob

Yesterday I posted a video composed in Go Pro's Quik editor. This editor makes videos in no time at all. Take a look at the link above, but basically it has smart recognition technology that looks for faces, speed, and transitions, etc.... The editor then allows you to add titles, trim, re-order, and set the clip to provided soundtracks.

When I edited down the original footage that I posted yesterday, the only real thing I changed was to delete some of the poorly shot scenes and tweak the speaking parts. I spent more time deciding on a title and song than I did editing,


Today, I re-did the video in Movavi, making all the edits myself. This process took me about 25 minutes. It is pretty amazing that the Quik video is every bit as good. Check them out side by side, and you tell me in the comments below what you think.

Quik Edit

Bob Edit in Movavi

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