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What's on Your Trainer Playlist 2

When the basement is cold and dark, music can be the thing that helps you get through the intervals or longer steady state rides. When you have the right track, there is no better feeling than getting on top of that gear and pedaling away.

I use Amazon Prime Music for my library after years of having a million songs on iTunes. I can find almost anything on Amazon Music, and the cost is amazingly low when I consider that I used to pay $14 a CD to get tracks back in the day.

HERE is my workout playlist. Below are some of the tracks that really helped me out this week on the trainer. I hope you like them, too. I'll share a YouTube link so you can check them out for free. You might even be able to figure out how to download them, I'm just saying....

Baroness- Kerosene

Baroness has become one of my favorite heavy rock/metal bands. This track has a anthemic sing a long vibe that keeps the pedals turning. Thanks to Ethan from Campus for turning me on to these guys last year.

Michael Schenker- Into the Arena

Schenker is such a great guitarist, and anyone who has been in my car lately has heard UFO on constant play. This one from his solo career just drives and drives. So good. Another good one like this would be Iron Maiden's "Transylvania" off the first album.

Public Enemy- She Watch Channel Zero?!

You know the riff from Slayer's "Angel of Death." You know Chuck D and Flava Flav from back in the day. This tune just has the right mix of metal riffing and lyrical distraction to make it a hit on my trainer list. The Slayer track is on the playlist, too.

Japandroids- The House that Heaven Built

It amazes me that two guys can make so much sound. The driving frantic drum beat and slashing guitar help keep the cadence up. Meanwhile the lyrics are interesting and almost make you want to sing along, if you could breathe that is. "If they try to slow you down/tell them all to go to hell." The top comment on the YouTube link above says, "I got a speeding ticket listening to this." I think that is about right.

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