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The On Season: Ready to Ride?

The time for riding season may just be here, as the temperatures are climbing into the 40s on a regular basis. It's not that you cannot ride at lower temperatures, but it just makes it a wee bit tougher to get motivated. Those low temps often mean snow or wet conditions, and there's salt everywhere. When it's hard to clean the bike, I often avoid salt those covered roads.

I am working really hard on the book, so I have not been posting much, but I did want to share something I heard today on the FLO Cycling Podcast.

In episode 23, the guys discussed rolling resistance with expert Tom Anhalt. Anhalt, an engineer who has performed hundreds of tests on tires stated, "Lower temperatures result in higher rolling resistance."

So, if you are out there getting in those base miles this week...remember that when you look at your metrics and feel slow. You might not be slow because you had a bad winter. It might just be that its cold, and the tires aren't rolling as fast yet. Keep going, it's going to warm up, and then it will all come together.

Safe riding!

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