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Secure Your Stead When Coffee Calls

It's a simple tool. It's small enough to fit in a jersey pocket and light enough not to mind it at all.

It's cheap. So cheap in fact that when riding this weekend and coffee called, it was nothing to drop the $15 down at the local shop and then head to get that Americano.

This little Abus combination lock isn't much security, but it is enough to give you a second to put down your cup and run out to chase away a potential bike thief. I wouldn't use it when my bike was out of sight, but it made me feel a little better when I ran into the coffee shop.

If you like coffee rides, and who doesn't, you should pick a cafe lock up. There are several styles, but this one will go with me everywhere I go. Unless I take the proper big lock with me, that is.

You can pick up this one at Campus Wheelworks,

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