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Campus Ride Club Rides Again in 2019

The Campus Cycling Collective is again offering their Campus Ride Club for 2019. The CCC, which holds weekly Tuesday night rides and many others, does so much for the local cycling community. The Ride Club helps keep those rides insured and organized.

If you join for the meager $10 fee, you have access to other rides throughout the season and you are covered (no need for a weekly waiver) for the Tuesday Night Rides.

It’s worth it. I’m in, and you should be too!

You will notice that I added a link to the CCC Ride Calendar on the site, and I will be adding rides to that calendar so you can come ride with me and the crew. You need to be a CCC Ride Club Member to join along.


Campus Cycling Collective

Campus Ride Club for 2019

Pay for the Ride Club

Campus Ride Club for 2019 Waiver

Campus Ride Club for 2019 Calendar

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