Riding the Parkways with the Insta360 One X

tiny planet shot of Bob

I have always enjoyed filming rides and editing the footage up to share with friends and family. Group rides, recovery rides, and solo long slow distance rides give you an opportunity to keep yourself interested.

The Insta360 One X is a 360 degree camera that captures everything around you as you ride. I know you are thinking, "Hey, I've seen those videos where I have to move my phone around, and they kinda suck." While I wholeheartedly agree, this camera has the resolution to flatten everything and make GoPro like footage out of it.

I will try to work up a full review sometime, but there are a ton out there already. From a cyclist's perspective, it is a great way to get drone-like follow shots to add into your footage. The selfie-stick is removed from the shot by the software. You can also do the whole tiny planet thing like the snapshot above, but I promise to use that sparingly. It's quite incredible.

The camera has a nice time-lapse mode (which I have not used yet) and in general gets stabilized shots almost as good as the GoPro Hero 7 Black which is pretty impressive. Even with no windscreen, the mic was decent even on a windy day like yesterday was. It's not perfect, but it easily fits in my jersey or jacket pocket and is easy to grab and shoot with or without the stick.

So, here's video number one. I hope you enjoy it! It is not perfect, but I am still learning! I inadvertently shot in 4k 30 fps instead of 5.7k 30 fps, so when converted to flat images, I lost a good amount of resolution. Well, at least now I know.