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Going Custom: Part Four, Thinking in Colors

Now that the components, frame geometry, and ride characteristics have been worked on, it is time to get some color scheme ideas on paper. Because of the rounded tubing, I feel like there are a few less choices that can be made. I would like to keep the bike to two colors, as I really do not want to pay extra for more paint.

I have just received an all white Gaulzetti Corsa frame, and honestly, it is about as close to perfect as it could get. A single color black, green, pink, or white would do the trick for me.

I really want to work within a white, green or black color scheme because they all go well with my team kit. I even would be open to a touch of pink in the form of the King headset. If that is a possibility, I think a black front/top would be great to show that splash of pink off.

The middle two pictures I drew up have a band of plain aluminum separating. I assume that this would be possible as the whole thing should be getting a clear coat. That was largely inspired by some of the Speedvagen frames of the past few years.

Let me know if you have any ideas not shown above, or if you like something above. I welcome your input! Thanks!

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