Media Monday: The Whoop Podcast

Check out the Whoop Podcast this week for everything you every needed to know about heart rate variability. The Whoop 3.0 that I ordered should be here by the time this post hits, and I am excited to report back on it in a few weeks after getting to know it inside and out.

Enjoy the podcast until then. No matter how you track HRV, I think this will be full of useful information. I wrote that and then went to the website and saw that was exactly what they said! LOL!

"In this episode we tell you everything you want to know about HRV--heart rate variability. WHOOP Vice President of Performance Kristen Holmes and Director of Analytics Emily Capodilupo are back to give you a full break down of HRV.

Kristen and Emily explain what HRV is, how it’s measured, and why it’s an indicator of your overall fitness. They also discuss how WHOOP uses HRV to calculate your daily recovery and optimize your training, including factors that affect it and behaviors and lifestyle choices that can help you improve it.

Heart rate variability is one of the core metrics behind a lot of what we do here at WHOOP, so I hope you’ll find this podcast to be a must-listen!"

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