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Review: Fizik R4B Road Shoes

July 2, 2019

Cycling shoes don’t last forever, especially when you ride and sweat lots. Over time, they just collect sweat, road spray, and dirt and need to be replaced. I got a solid two seasons out of my Giro road shoes, and I headed to the shop to see if they had anything that would work. 

I have a hard time finding shoes that are a good fit, as I have really odd feet.  They are not the same length at all, which I am told is common. They are really wide at the balls of my feet and really narrow at the heel. They are also super-sized at the instep. One look at the images below, and you can see what I mean. These are from a Volumental scan done by Fleet Feet when I bought my running shoes. You can click on the scan results HERE. They are pretty fascinating. 



When I bought my Giro Apeckx II’s, I really felt they fit nicely, but when going to another model of Giro for CX, I was surprised to find that they were very different. The Giro Privateers in the exact same size (42) were way too small. I finally was able to get them in Giro’s high volume (HV) fit, and they work fine. I had tried on the Fizik CX shoes, and I could not even get my foot into them.

When I walked in to the