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Review: Handup Summer Lite Gloves

(Clockwise from right: Summer Lite, and two regular weight pairs)

“I don’t always wear gloves, but when I do I prefer Handup Gloves.”

Handup Gloves are my favorite gloves, and I find myself coming back to them over and over again, until the weather gets warm and I go to bare hands or finger-less gloves for racing. That is until now.

Handup Gloves just released (or I haven't been paying attention), their new lightweight warm weather gloves, the Summer Lite. I saw that Campus now stocked these, and I was immediately curious. This week I bit the bullet and bought the same pair. For $28, they are an amazing value in gloves.

The Summer Lite gloves feature a very light mesh material on the back that make the gloves every bit as comfortable in warm weather as anything. You can see my finger showing through the back in the shot above. I really like a full fingered glove and these are ticking all the boxes for me right now. I do not realize they are there until I shift my hands on the bars and realize how much more control I have. I like the feeling of control that gloves give me, and these definitely have a tacky grip that works for me. The grip comes from the silicone based text on the palms.

The palms are not heavily padded like other finger-less gloves I normally resort to in the summer. I like this a lot, as I get most of my comfort from a little thicker bar tape like the Zipp Service Course or Service Course CX tape I usually use. The black design of the Black Prizm model goes with just about anything, but there are several styles that have the usual splash of color and craziness that Handup gloves are known for.

I will let you see the specs HERE. I highly recommend these, and I know I will be wearing these all summer and well in the Fall. These are my third pair of Handup gloves, but only my first pair of Summer Lites. They are my favorite so far!

Handup Gloves are available in many styles and sizes at your local shop. I bought mine at Campus Wheelworks where the crew is pretty much all wearing these to tear up the roads, cx courses, and trails. Retail price is $28 for the full fingered style, and slightly less for the finger-less model.

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