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Peace Bridge Bicycle Lane Opens, Kinda....

After a few years of having a hard time riding across the Peace Bridge and onto the nice paved parkways of Canada, the bicycle path/pedestrian lane has reopened. All the info you need is on the Peace Bridge Authority website.

The Busti entrance is not quite yet open due to construction under the bridge there, so on my recent trip across, I had to improvise and cut across the US Plaza and have a Bridge Authority worker help me through the gate and onto the bridge.

The usual path on the bridge (orange dotted line in the US Plaza image below) is not accessible. You really need to find a creative way into that back lot and through the turnstile. Be very careful, as that traffic out of the plaza and onto Busti is quick moving. Walk your bike.

The lane is quite nice, and it should ease the anxiety of many who don't like crossing bridges by bike. It's nice, and probably makes the narrow, girder-laden Grand Island Bridge crossing seem dangerous in comparison. The lane is about 8 feet wide and although it seems unfinished, it is not so bad.

I had video of the whole trip, but my Insta360 One X camera battery and SD card was not cooperating and lost the footage coming over into Canada. I hope to get the GoPro mounted later this week or next, and I will reshoot the whole thing. You can still see a little of the ride and most of the return in the video below.

#MovieMonday #CityRoutes

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