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Excerpts from CX at the Yurt: What I Bring Along

When I first started racing and going to longer rides away from home, I started to figure out a packing plan. In this short excerpt from the CX at the Yurt video, I show my Mountainsmith Bike Cube Deluxe race bag, Power2Max MegoExo Power Meter, and also my new pump, the Topeak Dualie.

Having a great bag is so important to your success. You need proper storage for all your essentials. I tend to pack the bag the night before and double check before I leave. I got a pretty good list into the video, but here is exactly what I take in the bag:

  • bike shoes

  • helmet

  • sunglasses (one dark, one amber in case it's late or the single track is dark)

  • lens cloth

  • Hand Up gloves (two pairs if its a muddy or wet day)

  • clean clothes

  • extra socks

  • base layer top

  • jersey and bibs

  • skin suit (I have two, one to race in and the older one always stays in the bag as an emergency precaution).

  • digital tire pressure gauge (Topeak)

  • tools or my seat bag (tubeless repair kit, allen keys, tire levers, CO2, spare batteries, and inner tubes)

  • beach towel (for changing and showering)

  • sun screen

  • Kanberra Tea Tree Wipes (or plain baby wipes)

  • two full 32 oz. water bottles

  • water bottles for on the bike (road)

  • small running water bottles for back pocket (CX)

  • bag of safety pins

  • heart rate strap Scosche Rhythm Plus

  • Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt

  • nutrition (something that won't melt)

Additionally, I would bring warm or wet weather gear as well, such as:

  • arm warmers

  • leg warmers

  • rain or cold weather shoe covers

  • warm gloves

  • balaclava

  • rain shell

  • jacket or puffer vest

  • Gabba long sleeve jersey

  • gillet

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