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Insta360 One X Takes on the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

We had a great time exploring the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge last Saturday. The beaches were very reminiscent of OBX and the marshes and estuaries were unlike anything we have seen. There were many bikes seen throughout the refuge, and it seemed like a great place to explore that way.

The windy day and no windscreen (DOH!) made a lot of the audio problematic, but I hope you like the footage anyway. I was truly afraid we were about to lose the Insta360 One X camera in the surf, but as you can see, the shot was worth it.

The Parker River National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful place for sure. The 24,000 steps we got in between this and Salem later on in the day are a reminder that I need to do that Whoop review real soon. This stuff adds up!

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Buffalo, NY, USA

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