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New Ortlieb Bag and Some Pics

Don't let the cold keep you inside. I had a great enjoyable ride Saturday, as I headed out to shoot some pics. I find that in the winter months, as we saw last winter in the Campus Great Winter Get Out, having a reason to get out makes you more likely to brave the elements. I got some new glass and a new camera, so I decided to get out and shoot a little.

Carrying the 77D on my back really wasn't what I pictured myself doing each and every time I get out to shoot pics, especially if the weather goes bad. I knew that handlebar bags have become quite popular for hauling small things around on the bike, so I decided to head to Campus to see what they had. The Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Classic Handlebar Bag is a 7l bag that is totally waterproof and had plenty of room for the 77D, the Insta360 One X and my gloves, wallet and seat bag which got thrown in there for good measure when I used a CO2 on a low front tire.

I'm sorry about the poor quality of the sound, as I had rigged up a foam windscreen inside the rubber case I use on the Insta360 One X, but it must have shifted (or today's wind was too much!) because it sounds pretty awful. I know, I know, I need to work on the audio game on the vlogs. I will!

So here is the VLOG, and the pics as well. I will write a review of the bag with pics soon after I get some more use out of it. Enjoy.

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