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Thoughts on the Book Review Series

It occurred to me last night, as I was out walking the dogs that my book recommendation series may leave many people to be disappointed. I know that often when I am ready to buy a new book that I go look at the reviews and sometimes I get so much information from the reviewers that I don't go and buy the book. Why bother?

I appreciate the folks who come to this blog for information, but please know that my intention for the series was never to give you all the information from the books I am featuring. One day, I may very well do a post or series on "My Experience with The Oxygen Advantage" or "Adventures in Meditating" based in the books I have been toting, but for now I just want to get you interested in some good books for gifts.

To summarize the texts in full as many blogs or YouTube channels do is an affront to the authors who spend so much time researching and creating these texts.

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