Social Distancing and Zwift Meet Ups

Last year at this time, we were out and about exploring and getting places. This year, we are doing hard things like staying home and practicing social distancing in hope that it slows the spread of a pandemic. It's a sad but necessary state of affairs, and to somewhat lessen the isolation, I will be trying to run some Zwift Meet Ups on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays through April.

The Omcyclingbuffalo rides take place at 3:30 EST. To join, you need to message me (FB, IG, email, or text) before the ride (by noon preferably) and also follow me on Zwift's Companion App (Bob M. is my user name). I will then send you an invite to that and all future rides (you can ignore them if you choose). If you need help with meet ups, click HERE for the Zwift How-To.

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