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Frustrations in the Time of Covid-19

This week has been nothing but frustration after a pretty good attempt at dealing with the pandemic and the mandatory social distancing. I hadn't lost it yet!

I have been struggling with my WHOOP 3.0 strap for the past three weeks. I feel that especially with all the sickness going around, that I want to watch my stress levels and not overwork myself and get sick. The WHOOP seemed like the solution, at least until it stopped showing up in the app.

The problem with the strap is that there is no way to reset it unless it has a connection to the device OR the battery dies and it reboots. Unfortunately, the battery lasts for about 5 days, so if you keep it charged and it stops connecting, you're out of luck til it dies and resets. This happened in March, and it took a while for the strap to die and reset and reconnect.

I am not sure if the support folks are just bots, or if they are just dense. This current WHOOP 3.0 strap is the replacement for my original one which gave up the ghost last year. I never wear them in the shower, or swim with them. I charge them regularly and keep them clean. And yet every 6 months or so, they just die and stop connecting to my iPhone all together.

The support has been really slow lately, and I get it. People are working from home, and the world is all topsyturvy. But when I repeatedly tell the support that I have tried all the steps, there has to be a better solution than one daily email after another that says to try this that or the other solution that I can easily look up online (and I already had!).

It literally took 10 days of no connection and no help before a new support rep miraculously appeared (on my other email of all things) and said that the strap hardware was obviously bad and that they would send a new strap. Duh! I have been saying that for at least ten days.

I finally received the new strap today after at least a month or frustration and deleting and installing and reinstalling and trying every trick under the sun to get a connection.

Next, I made the great decision to get out and start riding outdoors again despite my hesitancy to do so because of the dreadful idea of getting into any kind of an accident right now. How dreadful it would be to get hit and then end up in a hospital and get exposed to Covid-19! I overcame the fear, and the outdoors rides have been great except for a few snafus.

I decided to fire up the Kona Jake the Snake and outfit it with some 28's to get out to the marina. Well, let's just say that the tubeless tape installed on the stock WTB's worked okay for cyclocross tires, but it failed miserably when I tried to installed the higher pressure road bike tires. Ugh. Sealant everywhere and lots of swear words.

Okay, so I figured let's use the Tubolito S-TUBO-ROAD-700C tubes that I picked up last year and haven't been able to use. I had never realized that these lightweight polymer tube replacements would not work with rim brakes when I bought them. They have remained unused for six months. These "disc only" 28 cm tubes would be perfect to use now with the Jake and the Panaracer Competitions. They should be light and wonderful. The tires and Tubolitos went on just fine.

That lasted about an hour, and I ended up with a total flat on the rear tire. Did you notice that sometimes when it rains, it pours? Flat tire, had to pee like a racehorse, and the weather turned awful the second the back tire lost air. Oh well, I replaced the Tubolito with a normal tube from the seat bag, and I road over to the woods, pee'd and got back home.

The next day, I replaced the tires with something a little more puncture resistant, and as I went out to ride later, I found the other Tubolito had gone flat. You've got to be kidding me! For the record, I read and watched the directions. I made sure to avoid pinch flatting. These just don't work! Butyl tubes will do for now.

Hopefully, today's ride will go well with both the new WHOOP and new tubes!

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