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How to Ride Safely in Traffic by Staying in Traffic

Another hot day in the city and out to Grand Island. Today, I focused on riding in heavy traffic and maintaining a strong road presence. Watch to see how I tackle debris and other road hazards safely by not moving too far off the road. Check out the full video on YouTube.

Footage was shot on the Insta360 One X in 360 in 5.7k and made flat, 24fps 1080 and rendered using H264. Editing is done in the Insta360 app and then finished in LumaFusion using the really helpful EditorsKeys keyboard cover for LumaFusion on the iPad Pro.

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Music and Loops by Bob Maulucci (unless otherwise noted)

“Is That Sealant on Your Back?” by Bob Maulucci, created quickly in Garage Band. Fun fun.

#beginners #MovieMonday #CityRoutes

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